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OR Shoulder 2Orthopedic treatments are for significant problems with your muscles, tendons, ligaments, and bones most anywhere in your body. You might have a loss of strength, diminished stamina, pain or restricted mobility. Treatment may include needling, electro-stimulation, massage or cupping. Also, we may give you stretches or exercises so you can self-treat outside our clinic.

Sotai 2

Sotai is a systematic form of active and passive exercises used to correct imbalances in the structural integrity of the body. Treatments are based on returning the body to natural alignment by working with the breath and moving toward comfort rather than adjusting toward pain. As with our other treatments, acupuncture is included with a visit for Sotai.





Our Specialty Treatments are types of Extended Return Visits. They cost $50 – $70, pay what you can afford. The cost is higher because we spend twice as much time treating you then during a Regular visit. The benefit is that you will typically heal faster with these treatments, making them a better bang for your buck.

That said, Regular treatments are fine for most illnesses and injuries. There’s no need to pay more. Which should you get? Ask your practitioner for guidance. The answer will usually be Regular unless your injury is old, stubborn or fairly significant.

Commonly treated conditions include:

AC joint injuries
achilles tendonitis
ankle sprain
carpal tunnel syndrome
degenerative arthritis
frozen shoulder

golfer’s elbow
hamstring injuries
hip arthritis or bursitis
iliotibial band syndrome
low back injury
morton’s neuroma

neck pain
patellar tendonitis
plantar fasciitis
shin splints
tennis elbow