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– Anna

Amazing place! Came to Steve with a fairly severe shoulder injury that my doctor said would take at least 6 months to heal! I’m a very active person, so I was desperate to find a way to help me heal faster. Not only have the acunpuncture [sic] treatments helped me tremendously in healing much faster than expected, but there’s the added bonus of having a full hour or so to relax every week. 😉 And yes, having a bunch of tiny needles stuck into you and laying around for an hour is actually surprisingly super relaxing (I’ve definitely nodded off from time to time).Steve is incredible – efficient, caring, and effective. He knows how to find the exact spots that are in need of work and gets right to them. All in a very comfortable and safe atmosphere. You can easily book appointments online and the payment system is super simple. I can’t recommend them enough! Both for those who have never tried acupuncture and the veteran pin-cusions [sic] out there, this is the place to go.

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